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dennis maynard

CYCF Owner

I began CrossFit back in 2011, as a struggling college student. A friend had recommended that I give it a try; he seemed to think it could be a good fit for me. When he told me the price I couldn't believe it, so I started doing some math to compare what I was paying at my current gym. I thought to myself there is no way this program can be this good, but I gave the free class a try anyways. After that moment I knew CrossFit was where I belonged. My training went from hours of just figuring out what to do, and all by myself, to immediately becoming immersed among a welcoming community with a program built and ready for my use. I made a life changing decision to forgo my career as an EMT, put aside my late nights of going to the bar, and started an early foundation to the routine I hold to this day. I knew that ultimately I wanted to help others in my community, but had it not been for discovery of CrossFit I believe I would have been doing so down the wrong path.  

My mornings have since then have started early with quiet drives, constantly thinking of new ways to coach individuals through some of CrossFit's most basic and most complex movements. I love and appreciate the variety CrossFit allows myself as a coach to develop into training programs. Finding new ways to educate myself through podcasts and journal articles on current health, physiological and psychological factors have helped take my coaching style to the next level.  

After obtaining my Level 1 certificate in CrossFit training, I decided I want to further my knowledge and become Level 2 certified. To further add to my knowledge base as a coach and offer individuals a variety of training methods I also took a CrossFit gymnastics course. 

This road of fitness journeys that I have experienced over the years, have molded the coach I am today, and brought me to find my best friend who is now wife, and the family we have built together.  


"We are a community based fitness program that helps people of all ages and fitness levels improve their quality of life, proven to deliver results"

member testimonials

"Dennis is an amazing coach that coached me for nearly 8 years in CrossFit. Highly recommend him!."


"Dennis has been my coach for almost 4 years. He’s very knowledgeable in all aspects of CrossFit and makes working out fun & challenging."


"Dennis has coached me for a few years and is amazing. He listens and coaches according to your injuries. He coached my son for 4 years in a program he started for teens and my son was devastated upon hearing Dennis was leaving. CrossFit through Dennis’s teen program changed my son’s life and I am eternally grateful to him for that."