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An on-ramp is the course that teaches the foundational movements of CrossFit, plus other movements that are frequently used during WODs. On-ramps also teach the language of CrossFit, meaning all the acronyms, the benchmark workouts, and the significance of WODs.

CrossFit is a program that can be modified and scaled to each individual. It is also a program that requires steady progress into new movements, skills, and intensity levels.  No matter what your current condition is, CrossFit can help you achieve fitness levels beyond your expectations. At CYCF, you will receive the personalized instruction you need with teamwork and motivation.


Humans are pack animals by nature and evolutionary standards. If your gym is similar to your home, you will create a bit of a pack mentality there. This isn’t a bad thing. It creates strong bonds between you and those you workout with. But this scenario can be intimidating to those who are new to the atmosphere, no matter how welcoming you are. It isn’t because of the people, but more because they sense, “This is not my house and I do not know the rules.”


An on-ramp puts everyone new together and gives them a coach as a guide. This is when you introduce the rules of your box and how things operate. This is when the newcomers get an idea of the social atmosphere that is developed at your box and how they fit into it. Since CrossFit runs classes in a community setting, these are things people have to figure out one way or another when they go into your box - an on-ramp program help with this.

At CYCF we offer a very comprehensive On-Ramp Program designed to help new athletes learn about CrossFit.



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